Pneumatic transport
and handling

All our systems are designed so that the handling of ingredients is done in a safe, hygienic, and ergonomic way, adapting to the requirements and regulations of each geographical area.

Depending on the ingredient, volume, and distance to be dosed, the most appropriate transportation system is designed.

Solid transport characteristics

At Gashor we can offer pneumatic systems in dilute or dense phase, using positive pressures or negative pressure for the transport.

We also have experience in transporting fragile foods (such as flakes, rice, animal feed croquettes, etc.) and those with high fat content, using different technologies depending on the ingredient.

Depending on the characteristics of the solid to be transported (density, fat content, hygroscopic characteristics, etc.), distance and quantity, the most appropriate way for its transport will be studied.

Aspiration vs. Impulsion

The choice of transporting by impulsion (blower) or by aspiration (vacuum pump) or dense phase will be determined in the study phase of the project. There are many factors in choosing the optimal system.

Transporte neumático y manipulación

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