Storage and
origins of ingredientes

Gashor has multiple storage systems that adapt to the needs of our clients. We have a wide variety of silos for solids, tanks for liquids and smaller tanks for micro ingredients.

All our storage systems comply with ATEX regulations and food quality standards to comply with HACCP, FDA regulations and the specific regulations of each country.


At Gashor, we manufacture a wide range of both outdoor and indoor silos, offering options with and without insulation. We use high-quality materials such as stainless steel and fiberglass-reinforced polyester to ensure durability and optimal performance.

Our silos allow easy access to extraction elements and comply with ATEX safety regulations. Additionally, we offer food defense solutions, such as magnetic traps, to ensure the integrity of the stored products.

Silos - Almacenamiento y orígenes de ingredientes
Silos - Almacenamiento y orígenes de ingredientes
Silos - Almacenamiento y orígenes de ingredientes


Depending on the stored ingredient, hygienic requirements and type of dosage designed, Gashor has different extraction systems:

Planetary extraction

Extraction system with uniform mass flow avoiding the creation of vaults. Using an Archimedean screw, which sweeps at the bottom, the product is swept to the centre where the airlock is located.

Vibration extraction

The product, due to the action of the vibrator or beater, flows to the mouth where it is sucked.

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