Special equipment

We have different equipment to cover other complementary, but equally important, needs.

Each process that we design at Gashor is designed according to the client’s needs, which is why we must incorporate complementary equipment that is developed to optimize all production processes. At Gashor we have various complementary equipment such as: Flour cooling, mills for various raw materials, Big Bag unloaders, integral bag emptying stations and food reprocessing.

BIGBAG unloading station and integrated bag emptier

For the dosage of large quantities of raw materials that come in Big Bags or bags, Gashor has developed a station where the raw material can be unloaded in an ergonomic, hygienic, safe, and precise way, and transported automatically.

Flour cooling Project

Fluidized bed cooling system and continuous air flow carried out in a stainless-steel buffer. A thermal jump of up to 15ºC is achieved in an economical and efficient way. Great energy savings and a constant dough temperature are achieved.

Ground Cookie Project

We design product reuse equipment for later incorporation into the production line.

Sifters and sieving machines

We have a wide range of sifters and sieving machines to suit different products and installations.

These equipments sift and classify different floury products, such as wheat, rye, corn, etc., as well as specialized products (animal feed croquettes, flakes, etc.). They also classify granular and other free-flowing granular products.

They are designed for high hygiene and food safety.

Installing this equipment in the facility has the following key benefits:

1. Quality and Consistency: By ensuring that only particles of
the right size reach the final product, the quality and
consistency of the food is improved.

2. Food Safety: Removing impurities and contaminants reduces the risk of contamination and improves product safety.

3. Process Efficiency: Automated screens and sifters
can handle large volumes of material, improving production efficiency and reducing processing time.

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