Dosage of

Gashor fully designs and manufactures all the components of its minor-ingredients dosing stations, composed of as many tanks as there are ingredients to be dosed (2-50 ingredients).

Dosificación de micro-ingredientes máquina

About the station

Micro ingredients stations can be fully automated, manual, or semi-manual (where loading is done manually but transport of the mixture is done automatically).

The critical aspect to analyse in any microdosing station are the recipes and batches per hour to be transported together with the tolerance of the weighting required. Here,the type of ingredient will be studied in detail (its characteristics such as granulometry, viscosity, hydroscopic capacity, etc.), maximum and minimum quantities to be dosed and tolerances.

Each ingredient is dosed using a screw, vibrating bottom or a combination of both into a weighing scale and transported through a pipeline by pneumatic transport to the points of use. We have a rapid dosing system (dosing 10 ingredients in up to 4 minutes), with high weighing precision and restricted access to recipes.


Carga manual o automática - Micro-Ingredientes

Manual or automatic loading of ingredients to the tanks.

Dosificación - Micro-Ingredientes

Dosing of 2 to 20 ingredients at the same station.

Alta precisión - Micro-Ingredientes

High precision, up to 5 grams per ingredient.

Descarga en cubeta - Micro-Ingredientes

Discharge into bucket or to point of consumption.

Recetas con acceso restringido - Micro-Ingredientes

Up to 99 recipes with restricted access.

Programación a medida - Micro-Ingredientes

Customized programming for the client.

Conexión ethernet - Micro-Ingredientes

Connection via Ethernet with Gashor.

Diseño higiénico/ATEX

Hygienic /ATEX design

Previo estudio físico y químico del ingrediente y granulometría.

Prior physical and chemical analysis of the ingredient and its granulometry.

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