Gashor participates and takes part in the project Inspira STEAM

Inspira STEAM is an innovative project that aims to promote girls’ interest in scientific and technological disciplines.

This programme is based on awareness-raising and guidance activities led mainly by professional women working in the fields of research, science and technology. In this way, young people can see female role models close to them and reflect on the barriers that women face in developing their careers in these fields.

Group mentoring is used to encourage the interest of boys and girls in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) from primary school onwards.

The project is aimed at boys and girls in the 6th grade of primary school and 1st year of ESO. This is an age when young people have a good self-concept of themselves and are confident in their abilities.

Inspira STEAM was created due to the lack of women in science and technology, the gender gap that has historically been present in these disciplines and the lack of interest that has increased among young women in pursuing careers related to science and technology, with a greater number of female university students.

The main keys to Inspira STEAM are:

  1. Facilitating new female referents with science and technology careers.
  2. The discovery of STEAM careers.
  3. Raising awareness of the importance of this social change taking place between men and women.
  4. Gender equality: STEAM programmes for boys and girls seek to encourage the participation of both sexes, promoting an inclusive and equitable environment.
  5. To raise awareness andreflect on existing stereotypes so that they do not condition young people’s decisions.

Inspira STEAM es un proyecto innovador que busca fomentar el interés de las niñas en disciplinas científicas y tecnológicas.

Gashor demonstrates its social commitment with the participation of two of the workers in the workshops as mentors developing different sessions for the groups of girls and boys.